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TeeCLAIMING is the world’s first social media platform with the SOUL purpose of

growing the 3Cs: Communication, Connection, & Compassion throughout the world.

TeeCLAIMERS™ Are On A Mission

to destigmatize, normalize, and improve lives!

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What is Teeclaiming

TeeCLAIMING™ is a form of Wearing & Sharing™.
In other words...
State your CLAIM & share what it means to you.

You wear your authentic feelings, experiences, challenges, and radical self-acceptance across your chest & in the unique Share Space attached to each shirt.

By doing so, you're proudly saying to the world & to yourself, this is me and I own it!

I own my journey, and here are details to help you understand what it means to me, what I'm going through, what I've been through, which can bridge an authentic connection between you and others.

All without actually having to speak a word.

Join the TeeCLAIMING social experiment to grow authentic COMMUNICATION, CONNECTION, and COMPASSION between you & others.

Same claim™ but different stories: Below, both people have the same claim, but their share space™ is unique. scan each qrcode to see. What do you want others to understand about you?

Welcome to the world of Wearing & Sharing™ - where you can express your authentic self and share your unique stories through TeeCLAIMING™. Our CLAIM It Tee™, infused with Wear & Share Technology™, is designed to help you communicate your thoughts, beliefs, passions, and values without ever saying a word.

As a TeeCLAIMER™, you're part of a bigger mission, a social experiment, to grow Communication, Connection, & Compassion from the inside out.

Whether you're an activist, a business owner, a survivor, or someone with an invisible illness, TeeCLAIMING™ is the perfect way to let your passion, cause, & authentic self shine through. And by wearing our CLAIM It Tee™, you're helping to build the foundation of a movement that could spread radical self-acceptance while dismantling harmful societal norms.

So, what will you CLAIM™ about yourself today? Customize your own CLAIM It Tee™ below and let's Wear & Share™ our way to a world with healthy COMMUNICATION, CONNECTION & COMPASSION.

Authenticity & Acceptance HEALS!


small businesses
special interests
Civil Servants

new to teeclaiming™?

No worries! Most everyone is. You're a trailblazer!
Thank you for joining us in creating the first social media network that merges the physical and digital worlds. Together, we'll grow Communication, Connection, and Compassion worldwide by CLAIMING™ our true selves and embracing diversity.

Getting started may be the hard part, but good luck stopping at just one after you get the hang of it.

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