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TeeCLAIMING, let's talk about it.

No more us against them! TeeCLAIMING elevates t-shirts to a communication platform, that stimulates meaningful, in-person conversation, connection & compassion.

Be empowered. Be seen. Be understood. Make a difference to yourself & someone else; TeeCLAIM with a Claim It Tee.

Imagine destigmatizing mental health conditions. Imagine engaging in meaningful conversation with a stranger while waiting in line. If you saw someone with STRUGGLING#Iam stamped across their chest, would you pause and consider engaging with them? Would you let them know they aren’t alone in their struggle? Maybe you’d just pay for their coffee and not say a word.

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People uniting, story, one TeeCLAIM at a time.

How To TeeCLAIM...

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1. Search or Create a meaningful CLAIM.

2. Join the TeeCLAIMERS United mailing list at Checkout.

3. Go to the Product Page of your CLAIM & add your Story-behind-the-CLAIM.

4. Share your story via social media and with people in-person.

5. Repeat with another meaningful CLAIM.

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People need COMPASSION, not JUDGMENT, including yourself!