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Hi. I'm Jolinda, the original TeeCLAIMER.


There I was, 43, with a pale gaunt face and bald. I looked like a cancer patient & in fact I was. 

April of 2018, I was diagnosed with Invasive, triple positive, breast cancer. In no time I started chemo and would later undergo a double mastectomy. During treatments life only slowed down a bit. I still had responsibilities and would be out and about as best I could. 

My startling appearance didn’t turn people away or leave me feeling ostracized, which surprised me. People were kinder and showed me compassion. I was offered cuts in line, help carrying groceries, free coffees, warm well wishes and many smiles. 

I was pretty sure that was because people could tell it was the big C or at minimum something awful was going on with me. I found myself thinking about how fortunate I was that people could “see” my issues. According to a 2015 Disabled World report, 96% of people with chronic medical conditions live with a condition that is invisible.

My heart went out (and still does) to all the people, like my co-parent, that struggled with hidden issues and suffered in silence. I thought if only there was a way to let others know there’s more going on with an individual than meets the eye, then people might be able to relate to each other in-person on a more meaningful and understanding level. 


By mid 2019 I was still undergoing significant treatments and recovering from surgeries. However, one of my biggest issues was a very common fear of a reoccurrence. It was completely irrational, but that didn’t matter. With every pain, internal discomfort and abnormal blood-test I couldn’t help but fall into concern that the cause of them was cancer.

Eventually, I had to do something about this. I literally developed a reminder, a mantra: “I am cancer free!” I said it often. I CLAIMED it for myself! It helped! As a certified life coach I knew the power of identifying and claiming a self-truth. 

Claim It Tees was born. 

Claiming one’s truth is for the individual, It’s empowering! However, stamping that CLAIM across the front of one’s chest can be connective and bring about understanding. That’s TeeCLAIMING!

When I TeeCLAIM CANCER FREE #Iam, people don’t need to see me bald or in a startling condition to relate with me. Instead, they take one look at my shirt and know they can connect with me. Through TeeCLAIMING I invited compassion into my life and so can you. 

Be empowered. Be heard. Be understood. Make a difference to yourself & someone else.


Are you ready to Claim It to Change It® ?

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