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Well, ABOUT ME, for the moment, as I'm just getting this passion project off the ground.

Hopefully, you'll join me in growing Communication, Connection, & Compassion in our world!

What do you see in the first picture? What do you assume about that person? Do you assume their pronouns? Do you assume their political affiliations? All you really know is they look female and apparently vote in American elections. It might be safe to assume they're happy to be voting in said elections. The point is, without talking to that person, you only know what you assume about them. Which we all know can be far from the truth.

What about the second picture on the right? The same assumptions can be made, but you don't actually have to make assumptions here because they're TeeCLAIMING™. Their CLAIM It Tee™ has a unique, updatable, digital share space attached. You can scan that qrcode and know the truths that they're sharing. You can do that without ever speaking to them. (However, have you seen such a fantastic conversation starter? We think not. :D) TeeCLAIMING™ does the "talking" for them. That person is mission-driven & they're CLAIMING™ that about themselves, but what does that even mean? Read the code to find out.

That person, by the way, is me.

Hi! I'm Jolinda, my pronouns are she/her and I'm on a mission to heal the societal wounds caused by emotional masking, stigmas, and a lack of authenticity & self-acceptance. Woohoo! Radical self-acceptance for the win!

I believe finding common ground, to connect with others, breeds understanding & empathy which leads to CONNECTION, COMMUNICATION, and COMPASSION (or The 3 C's as I call them) where there, otherwise, may not be any.

Just looking at me, you don't know my stories. You can't tell that I used to weigh 307 pounds, or that I'm a breast cancer survivor that had a double mastectomy. You don't know that I'm a former people pleaser or a compulsive overeater that was raised in a childhood home with alcoholism and closeted queer parents. You don't know that I have a growth mindset and that I'm on a mission to help people embrace and celebrate differences which will heal perceived separation through Communication, Connection, and Compassion.However, if I Wear & Share™ about those things, via TeeCLAIMING™, then YOU WILL KNOW, and perhaps you'll relate to something I've shared. We may connect before ever saying a word to each other.

This can be particularly helpful when there are perceived, superficial, differences between the two of us.TeeCLAIMING just might be the closest thing we have, today, to being able to "walk in someone else's shoes" and we know how beneficial that ability would be.

Do you see the vision? Can you see how becoming a TeeCLAIMER™ could change the world for the better? If so, I hope you’ll join in on our mission. Together, we can make the world a better place!

Are you ready to be a teeclaimer?

Can you see the vision? Can you see the benefits of Wearing and Sharing?
For instance, do you understand the benefits to both the new driver and the seasoned driver when the new driver has STUDENT DRIVER plastered on their vehicle? If you answered yes,
then you may be ready to TeeCLAIM.

If you're ready, embrace authenticity & be a part of the solution

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