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Serious Shirts For Serious Change!

Hi. I'm Jolinda. A divorced mom of two with a dream. Ok, actually several dreams, but who's counting?! This particular dream is just a little one. You know, changing the world for the better and stuff. 

See, I believe the world needs more compassion and less judgement; less judgement of the self and less judgement of others. 

Enter the Claim It Tee and the TeeClaimers that wear them!


TeeClaimers® are the change they want to see in the world!

They know that Communication, Connection and Compassion will heal the self, the planet and humanity.
Claim It Tees are a communication platform. They, and the people that wear them, can eradicate stigmas around mental health, neuro-differences, health differences, struggles and differences in general. They can help people see that they're not alone in their struggles, feelings and thoughts.
If you're all about radical realness and radical self acceptance, then you're a TeeClaimer. Go create custom claims that are personal to you or start with a pre-claim. Please join me & others that believe the world needs more compassion and less judgment. 

Are you ready to Claim It to Change It® ?

Stamp your Claim across your chest and join the movement..